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Scroll Signs LED Message Badge
"The badge with a message"
Scroll Signs Message Badge Info
Message Badge is completely programmable to say what you want. The message can be changed as often as you wish from a PC-compatible computer in less than 60 seconds. You've got room for 118 characters that can scroll at seven different speeds. Your message is stored in flash memory, which allows it to retain your message even if the battery is removed. One battery will run the badge continually for 16+ hours and each badge comes with 2 batteries. The Message Badge is about the size of a business card measuring 3" wide x 1.5" tall and is held on by a magnet clasp that won't poke, pinch or tear your clothing.

You will need to buy a Message Badge Programming Package first, and then you can program as many badges as you like, with the same message or different ones for each badge. This Package includes:
.....One Badge
.....One Programming cable that connects to the serial port of a PC
.....One infrared programming module that connects to the supplied cable
......One Windows-based programming CD software (No Mac)
.....Two CR2032 batteries
.....Simple one page instructions

All standard badge faceplates are black without text or logos. Custom engraved faceplates are available at additional cost.


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