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Scroll Signs LED Message Badge
"The badge with a message"
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What message do you want to get across?
What better and more unique way than with Scroll Signs LED Message Badge
"the badge with a message"

Banks~ Real Estate Agents~ Craft Shows~ Trade Shows~ Conventions~ Fund Raisers~ Retail Sales~ Political Rallies~ Meetings~ Conferences~ Parties~ Restaurants~ Bars~ Car Salespeople~ Reunions~ Sports Events~ Parties~ Graduations~ Religious Gatherings~ Church Socials~ Hotel Desk Clerks~

Easily program your message using a PC computer or Laptop.
Perfect for any type of message---happy birthday, new baby, promotions, swap meets, meetings, and much more!
The possibilities are endless for getting your personal or professional message across.

Features & Benefits:
.....Program any message up to 118 characters
.....Very easy to read---scrolls from left to right
.....7 different scroll speeds
.....Weighs approximately 1 ounce and is about the size of a credit card
.....Attaches to your shirt, cap, clothing, or other surface using a super-strong micro magnet
.....Easily replaceable common size button battery---CR2032----lasts about 18 hours
.....Easy to install and use software programs the badge using an infrared transmitter


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